My 6 Favorite Opinions for "Art Nudes VS Artistic Erotica"

"Where is the line drawn between artistic and erotic nude model-photography?" That is the question I asked my facebook friends the other day. I got a SLEW of responses, WAYYY more input than I could keep up with! Here are some of the choice responses:

  1. Opinions are like butt-holes, everyone has one.
  2. I don't think there is any such thing as "artistic" erotica. If the purpose of the photo is to get you aroused and there is nothing more to it than's just porn. If it has SOME erotic leanings but there is more to it than that one trick pony then it's probably just "art".
  3. Creative depiction of the human body in a non-sexual context vs Connotation of sexual act in a visual form.
  4. I just draw my rates based on how much vagina they want to see, and I don't get too caught up in the poetry of words.
  5. If rich people buy it, it's art.
  6. (My personal favorite) There is no firm line because someone is going to get turned on by a bodyscape.

 I have kept the replies anonymous for privacy reasons... what do you think??