How I survived Christmas without Alcohol

In my last post, I talked about how awkward I felt during the Thanksgiving family party last month. My self confidence wavers even with 4.5 years of sobriety! I had a little motivational session with myself before Christmas this time around:

Why would I feel nervous? I am surrounded by people I love! They don't expect me to IMPRESS them, they just love me for who I am... and they keep inviting me back.

If I keep focusing on my own awkward feelings, I will be emanating negative vibes... which is the OPPOSITE of everything I stand for! I need to display confidence in myself, to represent my pride in my occupation as a nude model, and to display my serenity as a sober person who STILL LIKES TO HAVE FUN!!!

The toughest hurdle in these family parties is the initial "hey how are ya?!" when I first arrive. To combat this I planned to meet people with solid eye contact and/or a BIG OPEN arms out hug :) it worked!!!

So I had a super positive Christmas :) New Years is a whole new ballpark for me though... it's the biggest triggering holiday for me because NYE was the first time I was ever drunk: at my *family* party when I was 15 years old (I "helped" everyone finish their champagne) It's also my 5 year anniversary with my significant other (which resulted in my 2nd DUI... another story I can tell later...)

Well wish me luck!! Peace and Love all!